How Technology is Changing Dentures

Dentures are some of the most common dental prosthetics that people rely on today. Dating back to 700 BC, today’s dentures are far more advanced than what was available even a decade ago. Advancements in prosthodontics, or the art of making dental prosthetics, ensure that modern versions are better fitting and more comfortable than ever before. They’re also more realistic looking than in the past, which is a major concern for many people considering them. If you’re preparing for the transition from your existing smile to full or partial dentures, here’s what you need to know about the technology your dentist in Roseville CA will use while manufacturing them.

Dental Implants for Superior Strength

Dental implants are a major breakthrough in care because they closely mimic the roots of your natural teeth. Your family dentist in Roseville can insert titanium posts into your jaw bone that then in turn hold a full set of dentures in place. This kind of quality device often only needs a few implants to hold it in place. Known as an all-on-four denture, it’s much more likely to stay in place when you bite and chew than a traditional set of dentures that only attach to the gums through suction. Dental implants also work well for partial dentures to fill in smaller gaps.

Digital Scanning to Replace Messy Impressions

In order to get a custom fit for your dentures, dentists used to prepare trays of a liquid impression material. You’d have to hold those bulky, uncomfortable trays in your mouth for upwards of 15 minutes to create accurate measurements for the manufacturing process. Today’s denture preparations start with a digital scan that is free of odors, messy liquids, and trays that might trigger your gag reflex. Patients tend to find it much more comfortable to get digitally scanned than to produce old-fashioned impressions.

Computer-Aided Design and 3D Printing

Those digital scans also allow the lab that manufactures your dentures to create a more accurate and realistic-looking finished product in far less time than in the past. Your cosmetic dentist in Roseville may order your dentures from a lab that uses both computer-aided design and 3D printing techniques. CAD denture designs can be both printed and milled so the results are highly accurate and fit you perfectly. Why wait weeks for the dentures to come back when many modern labs can produce them in only a few days?

Durable Materials and Manufacturing Methods

Speaking of modern manufacturing, the materials used to craft dentures have improved over the years as well. Acrylic is still used for some parts of the prosthetic like the base, but higher quality resins are widely used for the majority of denture manufacturing now. These products are formed under higher pressure than before and are far less likely to harbor bacteria due to the density of the finished piece. Ceramic composite materials are widely used for creating durable and realistic looking teeth, which offer greater durability than the porcelain used in the past.

Flexible Partial Dentures for Comfort

When you hear the word dentures, you may only think of the full type that covers both the upper and lower gums entirely. However, partial dentures are actually far more common since there are many more people missing one or two teeth rather than all of them. Partial dentures used to rely on a stiff acrylic base that didn’t fit so well under the tongue or against the upper palate. Now that flexible and softer materials are available, you’ll find the partial dentures fit better and are less likely to cause sore spots from rubbing against your tongue or gums. You’ll find these devices so comfortable that you’ll wear them more often than not, resulting in better gap management and less shifting of your existing teeth.

Faster Results with Higher Quality

In the past, dentures were always prone to minor mistakes that led to fit issues because of the number of steps required to craft them. Now that the slow traditional processes have been replaced with more modern approaches, the resulting dentures are of a much higher quality. You’ll get exactly what you expected and the best possible fit even if you don’t choose an implant-supported design. Not only is the quality higher for the finished product, but the process also goes more quickly. While multiple visits to see the dentist are still required, most dentures are ready after only three to four appointments and a week or two of waiting. Traditional methods of denture production often require five appointments or more for fitting and adjustments before you’ll be happy with the results. If you’re looking for finished dentures as soon as possible, you’ll be pleased with how technology has sped up the process.

Dental technology continues to move forward, so dentures are likely to offer even more within just a few years. Discuss your options for various dental prosthetics with Dr. Sara here at BB Dental Studio. We’re both a general and cosmetic dentistry office, so we’re as focused on the appearance of your new dentures as the fit. Book your appointment today to get started on the process of improving your smile with the help of our dental team. You could also consider dental implants as an option for replacing missing teeth.

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