What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding in Roseville can revolutionize your smile!

Dental bonding is one of the best things you can do to enhance the natural appeal of your smile. Our dentist provides high-quality dental bonding to repair a number of cosmetic dental issues. Dental bonding is safe, effective, easy to care for, and affordable. 

Cosmetic Dentist in Roseville CA Describes Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure in which our cosmetic dentist applies a tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of one or more of your teeth. Composite resin is the perfect material for making cosmetic improvements to teeth because it creates a realistic-looking tooth surface. Unlike porcelain veneers or other cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is completely reversible. 

Why would I need dental bonding?

Our dentist may recommend dental bonding to repair teeth that are:

  • Chipped
  • Broken
  • Cracked
  • Decayed
  • Discolored
  • Gapped
  • Misshapen
  • Short

In some cases, our Roseville dentist may use dental bonding in place of fillings to protect the exposed root of the tooth caused by receding gums. 

There are no major risks associated with dental bonding. It is important to remember that the materials used in dental bonding are not as strong as your natural tooth enamel. It is possible for the dental bonding material to separate from the surface of your tooth. Chipping or breaking does not occur as often with dental bonding as with dental veneers, dental crowns, and other types of dental restorations. 

What you can expect during the dental bonding procedure

Dental bonding is an outpatient procedure that we perform in our Roseville dentist office in a single visit. It is a very comfortable procedure – most people tolerate dental bonding without the use of anesthesia, unless they need a cavity filled or other dental work alongside their dental bonding. There are no special preparations for dental bonding, and the procedure is safe for most people. 

Our dentist starts by choosing a composite resin color that most closely matches the color of your other teeth. Next, our dentist will clean the surface of the tooth or teeth and apply a liquid that helps the resin create a strong bond. 

We’ll then apply the composite resin to the surface of the teeth and shape the material to create a natural-looking tooth.

Using a special ultraviolet (UV) light, we’ll dry the composite resin as we put the final touches on shaping the resin. We’ll then finish by polishing the bonding to create a natural shine and use floss to smooth the surface of the restored tooth.

The entire process takes between 30 and 60 minutes for one tooth. If you need bonding for several teeth, your dentist may recommend spreading the process out over two or more visits. Because dental bonding does not require anesthesia, you can return to your normal activities right away. 

Caring for dental bonding

With good care, dental bonding can look great for 7 to 10 years without repairs. Your oral habits can affect the cosmetic appeal and how long your dental bonding lasts.

Composite resin is prone to staining, so you’ll want to avoid any foods or drinks that cause stains. Be aware of how much coffee, tea, red wine, and berries you consume, for example, and know that smoking tobacco can discolor your bonding. It is especially important to avoid these within the first 48 hours after getting your dental bonding.

Brush your teeth as normal twice each day, and floss once daily. Use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Visit your dentist regularly – regular visits give our dentist an opportunity to look for signs of damage or issues that require attention.

Avoid biting on hard substances, such as pencils or your fingernails, as dental bonding is prone to chipping. Never use your teeth to open bottles or packages. Wear a mouth guard whenever you participate in contact sports. Consider wearing a night guard if you grind your teeth while you sleep.  

Contact your dentist right away if you notice any sharp edges on your dental bonding, or if it feels odd when you bite down. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if your dental bonding shows signs of cracking, chipping or discoloration, or if you have any concerns about the way your dental bonding looks. 

Dental bonding cost

Dental bonding is one of the most affordable approaches to tooth repair. The cost of dental bonding varies depending on the number of teeth you need bonding, the complexity of the procedure, and the type of material used. 

Am I a good candidate for dental bonding?

You may be a good candidate for dental bonding if you have or more teeth that are chipped, broken, discolored, misshapen, gapped or have another cosmetic issue. 

Bonding may not be the best choice for those with severe tooth decay or damage. Our dentist can help you determine if dental bonding is right for you.

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